President's Message


    The predecessor of the National Formosa University is the National Yunlin Institute of Technology(NYIT), which is one of the three major technical colleges in Taiwan. It has preserved fine tradition and is a vocational institute of education that values practical ability, industry-academy application, and excellent character development. All walks of life have recognized its performance in school development.   

   The university actively engages in constructing new student dormitories and the development of new campuses near the High-Speed Rail. In recent years, it has been in charge of the Flagship Team Project of Industry-Academy Research under the Ministry of Economics in the name of the leading university, passed the International Industry-Academy Alliance Program under the Ministry of Science and Technology, and established a Smart Machinery and Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center, in addition to an Aviation Maintenance Training Center. All of them indicate that National Formosa University has emerged in all fields and accumulated sufficient research and development energy. The Ministry of Education has well recognized the university's deep-cultivation plan of higher education since 2018. The allocated funding ranks third among National Universities of Science and Technology in Taiwan. By 2021, the subsidies it has been offered are worth 945 million NT dollars. The core indicator "University Social Responsibility Program" is granted the support of 67 million NT dollars. Appealing with the slogan "co-presence", the National Formosa University undertakes the local social responsibilities and encourages cross-field collaboration among teachers. For many years, the university has devoted to Yunlin, cultivated local creations, and promoted community linkage; the implementation results have been widely recognized. In addition, the subsidies are given to National Formosa University, and donations from alumni and corporations total 54 million NT dollars. In 2021, the budget of 15 million NT dollars was allocated to support economically or culturally disadvantaged students, helping improve their professional expertise and skills and prepare them for future employment.

    National Formosa University actively deepens and activates the teaching efficacy; it also constructs a high-quality and friendly campus. Besides, it provides students with abundant learning resources and constantly creates opportunities to help students grow, including overseas exchange programs, industrial colleges, overseas internship training, language training, career counselling, industry-academy cooperation, various arts and cultural exhibitions, club activities, etc. I hope you students can take advantage of those opportunities and develop your potential. National Formosa University has excellent academic performance and enough resources to make you remarkable university students. Each semester, several students are successfully selected to visit the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea and other European countries for exchange or internship. The outstanding performance of your seniors in various fields serves as solidified evidence that each of you, as a member of National Formosa University, should have confidence in yourself. As long as you are ambitious and hard-working, your competitiveness and achievements will be unlimited.

    In 2021, the world faces the challenges of covid-19, but the crisis is a turning point. A strong belief in keeping learning will be the significant support students rely on to have future accomplishments. The president wants to share several things with all of you as an encouragement:

  1. In addition to being proficient in professional knowledge, you have to strengthen your language ability. This ability will make you competitive internationally and be helpful to you all your lives.
  2. Be sure to make good use of university resources and seize opportunities to develop yourself and enrich your life experience.
  3. As university students, you have to show your self-confidence and care for others and society; moreover, you must have the courage to take on and carry out the duties for society.
    From now on, your lives will be colorful. I hope everyone can show your enthusiasm and energy here and become all-around students who know how to study, how to play, and how to deal with things. I am here with the teachers to help you fulfil your dreams. 

Dr. Shinn-Liang Chang   

President of National Formosa University