NFU AMTC Gains Recognition from CAA

NFU Aviation Maintenance Training Center (AMTC) got approval from Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA). It also earned its recognition successfully from Ministry of Transportation and Communications on Feb. 22. It becomes the first aircraft maintenance institute for B1 Basic Training in new certification system. The center has launched its operation. In the future, it will cultivate the talents of aviation maintenance in Asia.

At the rudimentary stage of operation, NFU Aviation Maintenance Training Center will collaborate with domestic airline companies, aircraft maintenance operators on industry-academia collaboration and employees training. The training of academic principle and operation are provided by AMTC. Students can also conduct some practical operation training in the aviation industry. The midterm goal is to recruit students from other countries, especially the countries of Association of Southeast Asian Nations. All the courses will be lectured only in English. AMTC plans to apply for the EASA Part-147 certification in European Union for long term goal. AMTC helps all the students getting certifications which recognized by the global and prepare to be able to work in the aircraft maintenance operators overseas.

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Last modified on 2019-06-01