Learn English in a VR!! at National Formosa University

National Formosa University is the first higher education institute in central Taiwan launched English courses experience meeting with VR technology.

Language Teaching Center of National Formosa University held English Courses Experience event with VR technology at 11 o’clock, Mar 12th, 2019.

The Center of National Formosa University invited speakers from Studio Classroom to introduce the content of virtual reality English learning courses and the instructions of the head-mounted display. 

Taking the tip that the more you speak and practice the better you learn a new language. With this in mind, every student can have conversations with virtual characters with head-mounted display in VR English courses. 

The facilities combine role play, precise speech recognition and grading mechanism, cultivating the interest of students in English learning. VR English courses and head-mounted display facilities are all available in the Foreigner Language Corner. 

All students are very welcome to experience the virtual reality environment. Give yourself a try! You will find improving English communication skills can be easy and fun!!

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Last modified on 2019-06-04