NFU Dormitory Learning Resources Center Holds Opening Ceremony and Club Exhibition

The grand Opening Ceremony and Club Exhibition was held at Second Dormitory on Mar. 12, appealing many students and professors celebrated together.

The original study room was redecorated with brand new furniture. Meeting place and meditate spaces was also being constructed. Students will be able to have further discussion in groups and learning with others.

Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Zheng Ren-jie indicated that the new dormitory is estimated its completion in 2021. The original three dormitories have been partly transformed into the featured colony, providing students opportunities to be creative and learn together. From last year, it has founded the Student Dormitory Committee, Sports Club, and International Communication Club.

This year, Maker Club will be founded and develop intelligence sports application. To promote various activities, discussion room, studio, fitness training room was completed in Dormitory Area. Financial supports for teachers, teaching assistants, and materials will also be provided.

Dormitory Learning Resources Center was created with the concept, Coworking, which designed with a flexible pattern to promote students' learning efficiency. It can also be used to hold lecture, exhibition, and have a discussion for students.

The opening ceremony attracted lots of students. Besides TABATA performance and Japanese recitation in the ceremony, there were video introductions of student self-government groups. NFU live stream was also held on the scene. It makes more people on the internet to attend the ceremony and have vicarious pleasure together. It is always welcome to visit the Dormitory Learning Resources Center.

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Last modified on 2019-06-04