NFU Learning Initiatives

NFU Learning Initiatives

◆ Conventional and Experimental Programs


Intensify the Core Curriculum


We are developing intensive-study programs in core subjects, such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry and setting up a digital platform for extracurricular services and academic counseling.

We are constructing an online English learning environment to improve students’ English ability. Additional practice will assist students in passing the intermediate level of Taiwan’s General English Proficiency Test. We strongly encourage students to take other accredited English proficiency tests before graduation.


Spotlight on Evaluation Results


We encourage the self-evaluation of each college in the school. We take action to improve evaluation results by developing the faculty and advancing educational standards. We will intensify the curricular content in basic and professional educational programs.

We participate in engineering evaluation by maintaining high standards and improving teaching quality. We strengthen international cooperation by establishing international links between NFU and other educational establishments.

 Professional Training and General Education


Emphasis on Professional Training


We are developing professional training programs in many fields. For example: ultra-high precision machines and mechatronics, aeronautical engineering and mechanics, materials science and green energy, biological information, optoelectronic and display technology, creativity and creative design, management and industrial technology, and computer-controlled industry.

We foster the talents of professional management and encourage innovation and decision making. We cultivate specialists in international business, global logistics, E-commerce, international marketing, and industrial specialization.

We aim to reduce the gap between theory and practice in areas such as: applied foreign languages, biotechnology, multimedia design, and leisure and recreation.


Fostering a Humanitarian Outlook


We arrange seminars in general and specific fields of education. We cultivate humanity in the development of professional skills and the dissemination of knowledge.

We encourage the employment of interpersonal management skills, such as self-esteem and interpersonal influence. We support human care and art appreciation, development of an eclectic world view, and a scientific outlook. We have a balanced view in the tandem development of technology and humanity.

 Interdisciplinary Development


Strengthening Integration
We are developing interdisciplinary curricula in several areas including computer-controlled industry, creativity and creative design, materials science and green energy, mechatronics, information and communications, biological information, sustainable development for the environment, mobile applications and software engineering, ultra-high precision machinery, and industrial management and technology. These interdisciplinary programs reinforce our goal of multi-dimensional development and integrated learning.


Proposed Multi-Dimensional Development


We intend to support double major and minor students and establish a dual degree system. We will expand the student exchange program, and sisterhood with universities in other countries. We will increase the opportunities for educational communication and collaborative research.

We will encourage students who have outstanding academic performance and excellent language ability to go abroad for advanced education or internship.