President's Office

Office of the President

Tel: 886-5-6315011

Vice President's Office

Office of the Senior Vice Presidents

Secretariat Office

Office of the Secretary

Fax: 886-5-6338302

Academic Affairs Division

Office of Academic Affairs

Tel: 886-5-6315101  Fax: 886-5-6339828

Student Affairs Division

Office of Student Affairs

Tel: 886-5-6315137、6315138

General Affairs Division

Office of General Affairs

Tel: 886-5-6315202

Research and Development Division

Office of Research & Development

Tel: 886-5-6315029

Office of International Affairs

Office of International Affairs

Tel: 886-5-6315192

Research and Services Headquarters

Office of International Industry-Academia Service

Tel: 886-5-6315405~8  Fax: 886-5-6315952


University Library

Tel: 886-5-6315041  Fax: 886-5-6320500

Computer Center

Computer and Communication Center

Tel: 886-5-6315944

Art Center

NFU Art Center

Tel: 886-5-6315977  Fax: 886-5-6330607

Development of the Administrative Affairs Center

University Development Center

Tel: 886-5-6315196

Physical Education Office

Physical Education Office

Tel: 886-5-6315299

Personal Office

Personnel Office

Tel: 886-5-6315264    Fax: 886-5-6339829

Accounting Office

Accounting Office

Tel: 886-5-6315270-5279   Fax: 886-5-639241