NFU Development Strategy

NFU Development Strategy

 Practice ~ Dedication ~ Excellence

To become an outstanding university of technology with distinctive features offering superior education

 ◆ NFU Long-Term Development Plans

NFU has the goal of becoming an outstanding university of technology. We will integrate industrial resources and encourage industry-academy cooperation. We will further increase international relations. The ultimate goal is to become a university of technology that systematically fosters professionalism and talent in industry, business, biotechnology, advanced industrial techniques, and knowledge management.
There are three main strategies and focuses for NFU academic affairs.


Assert the NFU Development Goals


NFU development will focus on optoelectronic and electronic precision technology, business and management, humanities, and biotechnology.

Encourage Campus Expansion and Departmental Integration


The expansion plan for a second campus will help NFU adjust to an ever-changing industrial environment. The second campus will cooperate directly with the newly-formed Central Taiwan Science Park. Campus features will be developed in accordance with Yunlin County Government, and meet the needs of both society and industry. Furthermore, the new NFU campus will be redesigned to provide each college with adequate space and better resource distribution, so that colleges can have direct communication with departments and share information and resources with other colleges through an organized system.

Promotion of Positive Attitude and the Improvement of Research Quality


Departments will be encouraged to create practical courses that focus on the application of theory. This will reinforce students’ research ability. We will organize academic lectures, international seminars and national symposiums as well as create opportunities for international academic exchange and cooperation with sister institutions.

 ◆ Future Visions

Based on the development strategy and focus, there are three future visions that NFU aims to achieve:


Become an outstanding university of technology with distinctive features offering superior education. Improve students’ language ability and reintroduce holistic education.

Construct a standard learning environment with sufficient resources. Improve industry-academy communication, employment training, and creative talents incubation.

Advance teaching quality toward perfection. Provide faculty and students an interdisciplinary learning platform with inter-academy and international cooperation. Create excellent teaching strategies based on industrial practice.